Thursday, March 7, 2013



I recently found an old classic photo of a Valentine's project my preschool class did about 15 years ago. The children made re-purposed Levi Pockets Of Love as gifts for their mothers. We filled the Pockets of Love with candy kisses, a photo of themselves and a button heart brooch pinned to the front of them. I say classic because when I found the old photo...I loved them all over again. Here is the idea, let's see how you can elaborate upon it :) 

Skies the limit with the decorative pieces you can glue onto your pocket. Buttons, silk flowers, lace, ribbon, sequin, etc. 
I found that Tacky Glue worked the best:) 

You can punch holes at each corner of the pocket, slip through a ribbon handle and knot. Now, mommy can carry her Pocket of Love home. 

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