Tuesday, March 12, 2013


KNOB-ITS by Pauline (Rodriguez) Farias

A little bio time: Years ago I owned my own Crafter's Mall called Country Crafters. It was at the peak of the Country Folk Art era where I learned to design, cut, and paint wooden art. I was first published as a Provo Crafts Artist (Utah) with my first book; "All Keyed Up" (below) and second book; "Calendars", then acquired a publication through Suzanne McNeill (Texas) with KNOB-ITS.
KNOB-ITS was my third and most profitable published book. It reached all over the world, especially Singapore in which I cut, and painted over 4,000 of these drawer pulls for Derek Khaw. I was featured in Country Sampler and Country Folk Art magazines as well as running my own mail order business. This idea of drawer pulls hit Target, and other retail stores in ceramic form. I just found my books on Amazon and Ebay for discounted prices :( and as it brought back many wonderful memories, I thought I would share. 

"ALL KEYED UP" Provo Crafts
 by Pauline (Rodriguez) Farias
"My 1st Book"