Thursday, October 25, 2012



The saying, "NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION" is the concept I am going to share with you today :) 
Candy Shoppe, Candy Bar, Candy Stands are NOT a new idea. I have been to baby showers, weddings, and birthday parties that have all used this 'sweet' idea over the years, BUT, if you are getting to know me a little, you know that I LOVE recycling, repurposing, and reinventing inexpensively. 
This year I was given the task of decorating my family's home for Christmas and to make it as memorable as possible for the kids and adults alike. So, "what a perfect time to bring out the Candy Shoppe!" I have purchased pounds of candy, decorations, and now am working on the displays. Well, I purchased bags of lollipops and could not figure out how to display them without having to purchase a ready made stand. The cheapest one I found was $30.00 with s/h charges. I then went to the hardware store and priced what I needed to make my own, and that came out to about $20.00ish. Ugg! 
My thought bubble read..."How?? and how cheap??"...and whalaa! My new invention:) 

1) I purchased an old paper towel holder at a local vintage shop for $1.00 that I plan on painting. 

2) If you have read my whole BLOG you would have seen another idea where I created "Oodles of Noodles" using swimming noodles. Swimming Noodles are so multi-purposeful!! It was the ready made hole in the center that caught my attention to the foam noodles, "It fit perfectly snug over the paper towel dowel!" (Note: I am using my Oodles of Noodles pieces to create this stand but would purchase a new noodle to get precise noodle measurement) I purchased the swimming noodles at the Dollar Tree for :) ... a dollar. So, with the paper towel stand and the swimming noodle I have invested $2.00 so far. 
3. Push your swimming noodle down the paper towel dowel and cut to precise measurement.
4. Starting from the bottom going upward, push your lollipop sticks into the foam noodle at a slight angle. This is so quick and easy!
You will be done in no time
There are about 100 lollipops on this stand!! And, I only used about 1/4 of the swimming noodle, so, for a $1.00 swimming noodle, you can make about 4 stands!! That's 25 cents for each stand. I am now trying to figure out a "broom stick size lollipop stand!!" on top of it all... while I was at the vintage shop, I purchased this wooden snowman for $1.98 (original tag $12.99) and WAS A PERFECT TOPPER for this project!! 
$30.00 NOT!
$20.00ish NOT!

My version

$1.00 Paper towel holder
$.25 worth of swimming noodle
$1.98 Snowman topper
= $3.23 YES!!!