Sunday, September 30, 2012



Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!! I always keep a little stash of those mismatched borders knowing I will use them "one day" :) Well, here is a way I have used them over the years.  

Materials are simple. The borders, stapler, plaster of paris, paint, ribbon and silk leaves. 

Fold the border in half and staple it about 1/2 inch from the folded end. Then bring the unstapled ends around the top and down to make the point of the heart. Staple the two ends when you reach the desired size of heart to make your hand mold. You can ask the child to insert his hand into the center of the heart and adjust before stapling. Some hearts will be smaller than others. 

Instead of making the mold in "white" plaster of paris...I applied a large spoonful of Colorations paints into the plaster while mixing "before" having the child insert his hand into the plaster. 

When the plaster of paris is dried, paint the handprints "white". A reverse process from most plastered hand prints, but it gives a nice effect. At this point, make two holes for hanging, large enough to insert your ribbon. I used a straw to make mine. 

Whaala!! :)

Next, push your ribbon (from the back to the front) through the two hanging holes.  To achieve the rosebud knots, I left about 3 inches of ribbon sticking out in front of the heart, then rolled the ribbon ends into a ball and glued. Don't forget the leaves :)...glue silk leaves under the rosebud knots. (Optional: You can spray the painted hearts with a high or satin gloss of Clear Coat Krylon varnish to give a glass like shine:) 

Here is the results! This is a beautiful gift for any parent, friend, grandparent, etc.... for any occassion. :)

Pretty in Pink :) 

Hands in the Heart: My Version of a Classic
By Pauline Farias :)