Tuesday, January 8, 2013


An Interactive Bulletin Board

Although the photo speaks for itself, I would like to say that this was one of our classroom's most fun and successful  boards to date. The children were involved, eager to participate and 'sad' when the farm had to come down. 

Trying to give the farm a realistic view, I crinkled the brown paper and folded it to make 'field rows' for planting our bean crops. 
The first set of 'green' mountains (background) were flat and smooth, the second row of 'green' mountains (forefront) were also crinkled to give some dimension and depth. 

The barn was made larger on purpose to make the field, mountains and animals look like they were further away:) 
The children's artwork then went up. The cows were drawn, and painted by the children. The pigs were part of a 'gluing' project...

The sheep were made from bowls (not plates) to help with our 3-D effect
Our rooster project entailed, painting a paper plate, folding it, and gluing feathers and features...
The children had a few questions on as to 'how' and 'why' the rooster was up in the loft? (Great teaching moment on farm life) 

And finally... 
our science experiment! The children were allowed to wet their paper towels, and place both towel and 'bean' inside a baggy. I then stapled them to the 'dirt field'. And we watched them grow...

...water them (just a spray bottle with water)...
watch them grow some more...

We worked on and studied farm life for a month and when it had to come down, we transplanted our bean sprouts into paper cups and the children got to take them home... along with all their farm animals. 
The End.

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