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I thought this would be fun to share.
During a month long curriculum for community workers, we explored the various jobs that people have when they grow up. I added an element of dramatic play for each unit with props and songs. It was easy to prepare for doctors, construction workers, etc. but when one child said a cook working at a hamburger stand, it took me a moment. Well, this is what I came up with..."it was actually one of the children's most favorite activities that month, and wanted to do it again!"

MATERIALS: Recycled brown bag, recycled cardboard, recycled bubble wrap and a printed 3-D picture of a hamburger patty. (There are no curves or bends in the patty picture), recycled construction paper pieces and glue. (The approximate size of the hamburger was only about 6'' diameter.)

Hamburger Bun Prep: Cut a 6" circle out of cardboard and a 12'' circle out of the brown paper bag. Place the recycled bubble wrap in between the cardboard and brown bag, then wrap the bag to the opposite side of the cardboard and glue down. 
Hamburger Patty: This is a flat 3-D image from the web that I printed up :) same size as the bun. Glue the hamburger image onto the glued side of the bun. 
Each child was given a hamburger patty and all the fixin's in an assembly line fashion. This was a great dramatic play activity about choices. 

I have always made it a practice to save ALL THE CONSTRUCTION PAPER SCRAPS! They have money saving purposes. RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE :) Note: most of my posts will show the uses of construction paper scraps, as well as a complete art project using only these pieces. Let's begin with the prep of our fixin's. 

PICKLE: Cut 2" circles out of green construction paper and make accordion folds, this gives the perfect texture. You can also reverse the process...accordion fold, then cut. 
TOMATO: Cut out a 3 to 3 1/2" sloppy circle from red construction paper. Then poke a hole in the center of your red sloppy circle and cut out a flower like center as pictured above. Tomato-Tomatoe!

CHEESE: Cut out a 4 to 4 1/2" square from yellow construction paper for Swiss cheese (Orange paper if you prefer cheddar cheese:) Then cut a few half-circle grooves on the edge of your square. Now, poke a hole in the center of the square and cut out a small circle, then repeat, making a different size circle.

LETTUCE: Using a different color green construction paper than your pickle (this will give dimension and depth) cut out a sloppy pear shape. Then, cut out a long slice from the top of the lettuce down towards the center of the piece and simply crumble up the paper to give it a leafy texture. 
CONDIMENTS: I also included mustard and ketchup by cutting out yellow and red ''splatter'' shaped pieces. I hope you can see those clearly. 


I am sure you can add so much to this activity.. instead of hamburger you can print up a chicken patty or Tofu burger :) Using white construction paper you can create onions, or, bacon out of brown construction paper! The ideas can certainly be expanded upon...have fun creating!

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