Thursday, August 30, 2012


"My 3-D Tree" 2012-2013 School Year

When I first started teaching preschool 21 years ago, I LOVED prep week. It was a time of anticipation and excitement of what the new school year would bring. New children's faces, new parents and families all going through the same milestones as the children and parents the year before. Even though the new parents had not seen the decor and bulletins from the previous year, I was always compelled to give something new. Why? (to challenge myself :) Because, one thing that will never change... "photos"... parents needing that picture of their child's first day of school : ) 
"pHoTo Op!" 

When I plan, prep and assemble my bulletin boards throughout the year, I always keep in mind a photo op wall. Something big and vibrant that will look good in a photo. 
So, as I pull out pictures of bulletin boards, ideas, and activities from past and present years, I will post to share, hoping that a single picture can create in you a new idea. 

I will start with this year's 3-D Tree

I wanted to create depth and dimensions to my tree so I cut out three large cloud shaped pieces and stapled them up on my 'blue sky' butcher paper. Keeping in mind, that, because these will represent background leaves of the tree, you can cut them out of a darker shade of green than the leaves you may apply in the foreground. In this case, I did not...but it still works for me :) 


Because I wanted a 3-D Tree, I cut the branches approx. 6-8 inches wide and the trunk about 6-8 inches wider than the space designated for the trunk. Once I had the tree shape cut out, I crinkled the whole tree carefully to not tear or rip my tree. The crinkling of the tree is to create a random wood texture, with no need to draw lines or paint to obtain texture. 

Let's say, if you had a 12 in. space on the wall to staple the base of the tree trunk to, you should cut your tree trunk 18 to 20 inches wide, or larger. You decide how wide and tall your tree will be. Then staple one side of the trunk to the wall, push the other end of the trunk towards the center of the trunk causing the tree trunk to bubble up in the center. This is what creates the 3-D effect. 

Leaves: First, I obtained an oak leaf clip-art pattern from the Web and printed it up. (These leaves are about 5'' by 7'' in size) Then I ran the oak leaf pattern off with a copier machine onto, a variety of shades of green, construction paper. I then cut the leaves out and began stapling them in multicolored clusters onto my tree branches. 

Here is the finished wall.

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