Monday, July 30, 2012


Pipe Piper Recycled Abstract Wall Art

Materials: *Recycled Paper Towel Tubes *Recycled Plastic Coffee Can Lids *Any recyclable material you can get a hole punch through *Cardboard Pieces *Paint/Paint Brushes *Pipe Cleaners *Hole Punch *Scissors

1) Paint the paper towel tubes (this is a project in itself:)

2) Cut the paper towel tubes down into various lengths, leaving a few at regular size.

3) Using hole punch, PUNCH 3-4 holes around both ends of each tube. 
4) Prepare the backdrop. Size is up to you:) Using a large piece of cardboard (recycled box) or foam board, paint and punch holes all around the outer edge. 

5) You will also need to punch a couple of holes in the center of the cardboard and loop a pipe cleaner through. This will act as a brace for the paper towel tubes placed in the center of your art piece. 

6) Using cardboard pieces, trace the children's hands and paint them black in order for them to stand out. Then punch 3 or 4 holes at the wrist of the cardboard hands so they will rise upward. 

7) At this point, throw all the painted tubes, hands, and plastic lids/recyclables into a large box along with  various colors of pipe cleaners AND LET THE CHILDREN CREATE!!! 

"""MORE TO COME'''' ;)

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